Donald Will Win

Donald will win and be the 45th President of the USA.

The following interview with Bill Maher and Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway demonstrates a reality of confidence that is at the heart of his push for the Oval office.

That confidence is surging and I predict will not stop till Trump has been President for quite some time. Till he has dragged the whole world into a violent quagmire of hate and vitriol. Till we just can’t take the pain he will cause anymore. You can see the kind of woman Kellyanne is from her hair and make-up…she is every woman of her age (and thus the kind that will love her message and vote for DT), a trumped up wannabe famous politico bitch (house of cardsesque) who will do and say anything for a few bucks so she can buy more absurd shoes and handbags. Hillary is too old and wise for such dilettantes. Most modern western woman would rather be Ivanka Trump the compliant rich man’s whore than the ball-breaking career politician that Hillary represents, a much rarer breed (equally as disgusting in a different way nonetheless).

This is what our world has become. The quest for more than your brothers and sisters and the display of that betterment with absurd accoutrement. Fashion has fashioned Donald Trump, he is the epitome of the sleazy old rich man and his coterie of whores and yes men (whores too). These people don’t want equality – they are far too superior for such sentiments, they don’t want environmental protection – because such a process would endanger their shoes, cars and handbags; which are far more important to them than the animal kingdom from which they are taken (or the oil from which they are made). They don’t want peace because all their extravagance relies on income derived from the Military Industrial Complex and corporate hegemony, they don’t want anything that would take one penny from them, pennies that buy their inflated egotism and avarice posing as sophistication.

The average Trump voter is the average American and by proxy Australian too, so just like us the majority of Americans will bow down to Mammon and we will all be ruled (yes the whole Americanised world) by the parody of every working man’s middle-aged wet dream. And every corporate, fashion headed woman with ambition – a much touted moral value they have been hoodwinked into believing is admirable (which most aspire to be). Sadly more men and women, want more and more, and so they want Donald Trump not any alternative that might make the proletariat more equal to the bourgeoisie.

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